Thursday, December 23, 2004


Quoting from Herself, Part 1

First in a series of selections from Herself:

from 18 December 2004, an observation on the overzealousness of certain industries in ensuring that the barn door is impenetrable as soon as all of the animals have departed.

Am stoking up on zinc and echinacea, plus some new fizzy thing, hoping to avert.

I was Displeased yesterday at the drugstore, where the shelves looked like the barbarians had been raiding them, quite empty, but no, it is the Decree of the Government, to take anything with pseudoephedrine off the shelves. If this goes on, there won't be any over-the-counter meds left on the shelves. I couldn't find the Actifed, which afaik does not have the pseudo-stuff.

I had been considering going out to feed the car and do a bit of shopping, but I haven't done it.

(c) 2004, Lois Tilton

None of these selections quite shows Lois at her acerbic best.

She does seem to be a bit less curmudgeonly this week, perhaps not surprisingly. You can probably find some pretty scathing comments on Imperial America's current overseas ventures, however.
I could, but I decided to leave them to Herself.

If she would only realise that the easiest way to destroy this project is to accept her invitation, Administer the rest of us into not posting, and then neglect to post herself, she would be happier.
And your people are sure?
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